Learn how insurance can protect you and your loved ones by speaking with me, and together, we can customize the right program for you. Life Is Full Of The
My Mission

My Mission

I have spent my whole career working for companies committed to preserving life or improve the quality of life for others. In my current role I find it extremely rewarding assisting others with planning for retirement and for the what ifs, so that they have piece-of-mind knowing their loved ones won’t have to struggle with finances.

My clients come first, always. Our firm:
• Has been protecting client’s families since 2015
• Licensed in 47 states.
• Helped over 6,000 clients.
• Handled over 100 death claims.
• Not exclusive to one carrier/company.

Learn how insurance can protect you and your loved ones by speaking with me, and together, we can customize the right program for you.

About Me

I grew up in Traverse City, Michigan and the oldest of 5 children. My parents were both health care professionals. My father was an MD and my other was an RN. Growing up that made for some interesting conversations at the dinner table.

My first job out of college took me to St. Paul, MN. It was there that my wife and I at the time had our first born. Later, I was transferred to Chicago and there we had our second and last child. They are both young adults now. My daughter lives with her husband in San Diego, has her health & life insurance license in the state of California and is on our team. My son still resides in the Seattle area as do I. I’ve called the Northwest home for the past 20 years.

In my spare time my life partner and I enjoy Argentine Tango dancing and traveling. We also enjoy physical fitness, motorcycling, hiking, camping when we can find time. She is a full-time occupational therapist, so our careers keep us very busy.


Services Offered

These four types are recommended by most financial experts:

Life Insurance

Life insurance protects you and your family from life’s unexpected turns. It not only secures your loved ones after your passing, but it also builds up cash value for financial emergencies, becomes an investment tool, and supplements your retirement fund.

Don’t take risks you’re not willing to face. Get a 30-day money-back guarantee or cancel with little to no penalties.

Identity Theft

Safeguard your identity and act before you become a victim of identity theft. Get notified about suspicious credit and personal activity to be one step ahead. Don’t let a criminal ruin everything that you’ve built and avoid medical, criminal, child, employment, and deceased identity theft.

ID theft has become more common with the Internet, but that doesn’t mean you’re defenseless. Get monitoring and recovery plans to protect yourself.


With an annuity, you can transform your assets into a steady stream of income for your retirement. It does what no other investment can do – it can provide you with guaranteed financial stability, no matter how long you live.

Rest easy knowing that you’ll always have a safety net. Tailor your plan to your needs and receive tax benefits at the same time.

Legal Services

Cover yourself for every situation. If you were to suddenly die, do you have a will to properly distribute your estate? What if you’re in a coma? Who will make medical and financial decisions on your behalf without a Power of Attorney? What if you become terminally ill?

Maintain control over your life, even when you become incapacitated. Choose how your affairs will be handled, rather than letting someone else decide for you.

Customize your plan

Accidental Death Benefit

An additional sum will be paid to your dependents if you die in an accident.

Disability Income

Receive a regular source of income after a disability forces you out of work.

Waiver of Premium

Keep your coverage without paying premiums when you become disabled.

Critical Illness Benefit

Ease the burden of expensive medical expenses with a lump sum payout.

Return of Premiums

Get the total of your premiums returned to you with our plans.

Guaranteed Insurability

Regardless of your future health condition, you can still obtain additional coverage.

Income Benefit

Your dependents can claim payouts as regular income rather than a lump sum.

Long-Term Care

Get extra financial help when you can no longer take care of yourself.

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